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10 Holiday Gifts to ELEVATE Your Home

Want to be the “smart” gift giver this holiday season? With all the smart products emerging every day, it’s easy to start decking your halls with automated features. We’ve rounded up 10 smart products you can use to ELEVATE your gift-giving game. Products we are sure your friends and family will not only love, but actually need.


1. Echo Dot with Clock

This smart speaker is quickly becoming a favorite. It boasts an LED light display that shows a clock, the weather, or a timer. It comes equipped with a sensor that adjusts the brightness of the display according to the time of day. This is the perfect smart gift to start syncing smart products and elevate your home.


2. Google Smart Clock

The Lenovo Smart Clock works like any other Google Assistant product. The display provides the convenience of a clock display, along with the ability to control lighting, routines, security, and other smart features in your home.



3. Smart Plugs

These little gadgets are among the easiest way to build a smart home. Give the gift of smart plugs to friends and family and help them turn kitchen appliances, lamps, Christmas lights, and other plugged-in products the ability to be controlled by a smartphone.



4. Arlo Pro System

Arlo Pro wire-free security cameras let you watch over what you love from every angle, indoors and out, day and night. Arlo Pro includes rechargeable batteries, motion, and sound-activated alerts, 2-way audio, a 100+ decibel siren, and 7 days of free cloud HD video recordings. Arlo covers every angle to help keep you safe and protected.



5. Smart Garage Door Opener

Wouldn’t it be amazing to get alerts every time your garage door opens or closes while you’re away? The MyQ Smart Garage Opener works with most brands and allows you to open and close your garage door from anywhere. Amazon Prime members in participating areas can even opt into safe garage deliveries by linking the app on their smartphone.



6. Wifi Booster

Plug in this simple product and enjoy the benefits of WiFi in all areas of your home. No more dead or slow zones. You don’t have to worry about missing your favorite evening news, sports games, or shows. You’ll be able to stay connected with friends and family and enjoy more of the things you love as you relax after a long day.



7. Tile Sticker

Tile has introduced a small, strong, and waterproof sticky tracker that sticks to almost any surface. With a 3-year battery life, you can ensure that you won’t spend needless hours searching for your phone, keys, wallet, remote, or other easily lost items. This is a gift that keeps on giving.



8. USB Flash for Mobile and Computer

This little product is worth is weight in gold. With 128G of storage, you now have space for all your files and photos. This 3-in-1 flash is compatible with iPhone, ioS, PC and Android devices. You can protect your important information from phone loss or damages, and keep them locked with a password.



9. Samsung SmartThings Hub

Turn your home into a smart home with a Samsung SmartThings Hub. SmartThings works with hundreds of compatible devices so you can put your home to work. Choose from a wide range of devices, including lights, speakers, locks, thermostats, sensors, and more. Teach your home new tricks by telling it what it needs to do when you’re awake, asleep, home, or away.


10. Elevation Smart Home Monitor

Our energy management systems help you view your energy consumption and production in real-time. But they don’t stop there – they can also automatically manage the amount of electricity consumed by major appliances in your home in order to minimize your monthly electrical costs while still letting you live the way you want. Put your home on auto-pilot…and save. While a more costly gift upfront, the savings from a smart home monitor will pay for itself and more.


So there you have it, our top 10 recommended gifts to start ELEVATING your home. Happy gift-giving!


Our team has independently selected these items featured because we think they’re worth knowing about and we are always looking for ways to Elevate. We have no affiliation relationships with non-Elevation brands. Prices and availability are subject to change. (images are from Amazon)

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