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Spring Clean Your Bills

Have you been stuck at home the past several days and decided you might as well tackle that spring cleaning you were putting off? You’ve finished that job and are wondering what to do next, or you need a distraction – cue our five quick tips for spring cleaning your bills.  

1. Organize Everything in One Place 

Spring cleaning is a deep cleaning, and a way to get a head start before the business of spring and summer are in full swing. Do it right and begin by gathering all your bills and account information in one place. There are many methods you could use to do this: make a list, utilize a free spreadsheet template, or let a reliable software like Quicken or iBank (if you use a Mac) do most of the work. The benefit of using software is the ability of a spouse or partner being able to log in and access important information should they need to when you are not available.   

2. Divide Bills into Categories 

Once you have organized all your bills into one place, it is helpful to divide them into different groups. Try sorting them into monthly fixed bills, monthly variable bills, and irregular bills (for example, quarterly or yearly expenses).  

3. How Can I Cut Expenses? 

Is there anything you need to cancel or cut out? Start with unused or unnecessary subscriptions. Do you hit the gym most days of the week? If not, save money and work out at home or outside. If you are married, are you doubled up on subscriptions such as Amazon Prime without realizing it? Utilize household shared plans for music, digital storage, or streaming services. Save money and stay healthy by cooking more meals at home with family and friends. Simplify your life by making small choices each day to save for the future and live a more fulfilling lifestyle.  

4. How Can I Prepare Now for Increased Summer Energy Bills?  

Utilize online billing and fixed amount plans to avoid being surprised when summer bills come in. Check with your energy provider for more cost-efficient time-of-use rate plans. An Elevation Smart Monitor or home energy audit can aid in understanding if there are steps you can take to improve the energy efficiency in your home, thus keeping more money in your pocket.  

5. Review Bills Monthly 

Review and check bills briefly each month to make sure you are aware of sudden cost increases. Take time to shop around and see if you can cut costs in specific areas such as streaming services or insurance. Create and review a monthly budget to make sure you are in alignment with your short- and long-term financial goals.  

Just like any extensive spring cleaning, cleaning up your bills will give you the freedom to spend your money and time on the things that matter most to you. That’s why we’re committed to providing the best solar products and services to every customer. Contact us to learn more about our energy solutions.

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