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Scan it for the Planet

“You really can’t tell what the outcome will be until you start to see the numbers of impact compounding. This program has been so rewarding to our office culture,” shares Elizabeth Pacheco, Field Service Coordinator at Elevation Home Energy Solutions.  

What is Fill it Forward? 

In November 2019, Elevation partnered with Fill it Forward, a company that “creates reusable products, technology, and giving initiatives that inspire the world to reuse.” We created a sticker with a unique barcode and our branding to send as a welcome gift to our customers. The sticker’s purpose was to encourage the usage of reusable water bottles instead of single-use plastic bottles. Along with the label, there is a free app available to help track bottle usage, environmental, and charity impact. We wanted to show our gratitude to our wonderful community and thank them for installing solar. Our customers know that each decision we make has an impact on this planet, and with the sticker, they can track the influence of one small habit, like reusing one water bottle can make. 

Becoming Stronger through COVID-19 

Right as COVID-19 forced everyone to social distance, we made a more significant effort as a community to refill more often. We made a company goal to divert 20lbs of plastic from the ocean. To redirect this large amount of plastic, we needed to refill 3,335 times, and we proudly achieved that milestone in June of 2020. As the office team transitioned to working from home, we were able to stay connected and encourage each other to stay healthy and drink more water.  

Elevated Customers Join the Cause 

Recently, there was a significant update to the Fill It Forward app. One of the newest additions includes a ranking board that shows the top three refillers in the group. As of today, our customer James O. leads at 153 refills. This initiative has driven positive employee and customer engagement. Together, we are becoming more and more passionate about making a positive impact at work, at home, and in the world.  

Elevating the World We Live In 

Elevation’s core values include the passion for creating positive energy, empowering change, and demanding results. With each scan, we can help someone in need, and it is safe to say that this is everyone’s favorite part about the project. Since 2019, we have successfully helped fulfill over 20 water projects throughout the world. From building water cisterns in New Mexico to hand wash stations in India, each scan has contributed to the health of another. Although we are social distancing, our employee community has been researching and learning about the social unrest in our country and throughout the world. Many of us have wanted to make a difference in the safest way possible. Our project has been able to help us do just that. It is heartwarming to know you are extending a hand to someone who needs it. 

Making a Difference 

Through the program, we can track our positive impact on the environment while sending a cup of water to someone in need. The positive feedback has been overwhelming. We are consistently running low on stickers and are getting calls from customers saying how much they love the program. To this day, we have reused our water bottles 3,806 times and have been able to give back worldwide. Elevation has diverted one hundred fourteen pounds of plastic from our landfills. We have stuck to our handy dandy water bottles, and we have saved the single-use plastic industry from creating 1,674 pounds of CO2 emissions.  

Get Involved 

Join Elevation as we support Fill it Forward and their mission to “inspire the world to reuse.” Making the world a better place starts at home. Schedule your free solar consultation to get your Fill It Forward welcome sticker and see how Elevation can help decrease your home’s carbon footprint. You can help us “Scan it for the Planet”!  

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