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2020 Best Gifts to Elevate Your Home

We’re back with our ultimate home gift guide to help you be the “smart” gift giver this holiday season. We’ve rounded up ten smart products you can use to ELEVATE your gift-giving game and deck your halls with automated features. These gifts will simplify and enrich your friends’ and families’ lives. Get ready to impress the “homebody” or “tech lover” in your life.  

  1. Philips HUE LED Smart Bulbs – One of the easiest ways to elevate your homes is to add a smart light. Smart bulbs are compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, or the Philips HUE app on your phone. Create routines and timers for lights inside or outside your house, even when you’re not home. We love the voice-activated dimming feature. Smart bulbs are one of the most practical and appreciated gifts you can give.  
  2. Echo Show 5 - This voice-activated Alexa hub connects you with family and friends, manages your home automation, and provides entertainment. Connect with others via video calls, make announcements, create shopping lists and reminders, or view your favorite photos. Unlike some other smart hubs on today’s market, the Echo Show 5 comes with privacy features such as a mute button and camera shutter.  
  3. August Smart Lock Pro – A certified Z Wave Plus product locks behind you and unlocks when you approach. It installs in minutes and works with any single-cylinder deadbolt. We like that you can continue to use your existing keys at any time. August provides keyless entry, locks and unlocks your door, and can track who comes and goes all from your phone. It even works with Alexa and Google Assistant. That’s a smart little lock! 
  4. Bose Solo 5 TV Sound Bar – While not necessarily an automated device, the sound quality will elevate your home speaker experience. Bluetooth capabilities allow you to stream music from any device. Bose sound is excellent and very affordable compared to other speakers on the market.  
  5. Gosund Smart Power Strip – Meet the small and compact power strip compatible with Alexa and Google Home. Turn home or office appliances into automated devices by using your voice or app on your phone. Be worry-free about whether your devices are on or off and feel the peace of mind that comes from its power surge protection feature.  
  6. Tile - The bite-sized Bluetooth tracker that keeps track of valuable items and improves your peace-of-mind. It’s that simple. Tile Pro rings when things are out of sight but nearby. It also has a unique feature allowing you to make your phone ring even if it’s on silent. One of the many tools in the Tile App is the “last place seen” feature. Tile has boasted of providing the best and largest lost-and-found community, a well-founded claim, given that other Tile users can help update a lost object’s location when it is within range. 
  7. Orbit B-hyve WiFi Sprinkler System Control – This sprinkler system timer and control is easy to install. It’s voice-activated and compatible with any Alexa device, Android, or iOS. WeatherSense technology can recalculate your watering schedule to save water and money. Get this smart device during the offseason to get the best price. Orbit B-hyve technology remembers your watering schedules and stations. If you live in an area where you must winterize your system, getting things up and running in the spring will be a breeze. You can test each station and change timers right from your phone without the hassle of running back and forth from the wall-mounted meter.  
  8. Dr.J Professional Mini Projector - A great portable indoor/outdoor home projector. The built-in speakers work well, but it can also connect to a speaker or home sound system. Dr. J Professional is compatible with TV Box, Chromebook, PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Blue-ray DVD player, SD Card, USB Flash Drive, Video Games, and Smartphones. Connect any HDMI, USB, or microSD card for wifi to stream live from YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. Another feature we love is that it is one of the few projectors that connects to a tripod. Great for family night or date night. 
  9. MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener -This inexpensive garage hub is making our top 10 list again this year. The MyQ Smart Garage Opener works with most brands and allows you to open and close your garage door from anywhere. Amazon Prime members in participating areas can even opt into safe garage deliveries by linking the app on their smartphone. Download the MyQ app and follow the easy setup instructions. It comes with a wifi hub, door sensor, power adaptor, and mounting bracket. With Black Friday and Prime Day sales, you can’t beat the price.  
  10. Elevation Smart Monitor (Curb)  Another repeat from last year. Our energy management systems help you view your energy consumption and production in real-time. But they don’t stop there – they can also automatically manage the amount of electricity consumed by major appliances in your home to minimize your monthly electrical costs while still letting you live the way you want. Put your home on autopilot and save. The savings from a smart home monitor will pay for itself and more. 

So, there you have it, our 2020 top 10 recommended gifts to start ELEVATING your home. Happy gift-giving! 


Our team has independently selected these items featured because we think they’re worth knowing about, and we are always looking for ways to Elevate. We have no affiliation relationships with non-Elevation brands. Prices and availability are subject to change. 

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